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New cooperation between Gabriela Náhlíková and Lucie Nepasická

comes out of new trends that only recently have begun to gain strength in design and art. It’s already been quite some time now, when the indications of desire for balance started appearing in the society. The society who longs for and seeks nature, and to whom end-in-itself aesthetics is not sufficient enough anymore. And what’s more recycling is being offered as a style and a starting point of everything on both material and intellectual levels.
Our creation is based on other grounds. We are looking for the context and deeper meanings of the objects and the whole space. We strive to find the link with the world pulsing beneath the skin of civilisation, while highly respectin the stream of energy of the objects and the whole space where material follows an idea, and matter follows energy.

Everyone has got their great living potential, which either collides with the person’s environment, or rests in harmony with it – not only in the field of aesthetics. We aren't seeking controversy, but harmony.

We have experience in design, interior and exterior work. /see our design of playgrounds – Strasne dite /Enfant terrible/ art group, in cooperation with Palis company, or design of glass – cooperation with Lasvit and Evansatelier/.

The works have been chosen from our recent (realised and unrealised) projects, and represent a selection of sophisticated design combined with a return to nature.